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Social channels of Empoli Planning Courses

In addition to official information channels such as sites and bulletin boards at the headquarters in via Paladini, the undergraduate degree programs utilize experimentally by Telegram, Facebook, Twitter. Each of them has a function defined by the peculiar characteristics of the instrument, as follows: 


Telegram is the sms of the future. Through these services, you will receive all the real-time information you need in your smartphone, including the news that will be published on the official website of the Degree in PLannign and of the MA Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Design office communications (such as closures or disservice), any delays from teachers. 

Sign up to:

@CdlPianificazioneEmpoli to receive site news as soon as they are published.
@CdlPianificazioneEmpoliLAB1 reserved for laboratory students of the 1st year of the course.
This channel has the function of facilitating the communication between teachers, tutors, technical offices towards students. Students will receive alerts and attachments on teaching, co-ordination, and schedule changes. We recommend that you also use it among students by creating lab teams to send you messages and documents by installing it on your PC. 


Facebook will reflect the character of the degree programs. In fact, the channel wants to be the showcase of the degree programs, where you find lighter and more informal information than official sites. Here you will find events, such as conferences and seminars, as well as photos and post by offices and tutors, and expecially by all students.This channel aims to create interaction with and between students enrolled in the degree programs. 


Twitter will keep you informed about the new world trends around the degree courses.
By subscribing to the twitter channel you will find many news regarding our degree programs, the University of Florence, Qgis and more.  We suggest you sign up for Twitter and start following planners, geographers, architects, developers, and many other figures who can keep you up to date and inspire you with your cultural growth. 



On the Youtube channel you will be able to see streaming and cover the recordings of conferences and seminars that have been discussed in our Course, and also videoguides and more. 


The wiki collects a series of Qgis user guides in the most common operations  used during the lesson and courses. Anyone can participate in writing, rewriting or translate part of the wiki, just make a request to become a writer.




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