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Corso di Laurea triennale in Pianificazione della città, del territorio e del paesaggio

Enrollment Requirements

Requirements for enrollment

Knowledge Required for Access (Art.3 D.M. 270/04).

An undergraduate or equivalent qualification is required for enrollment.

Secondary school students who intend to enroll in the course must possess the following aptitudes and attributes:

  • Mathematical elements: algebra, first degree equations and systems of two equations in two unknowns, analytic geometry (points, straight and first properties), elementary functions and their properties (polynomials, logarithms, trigonometric functions).
  • Computer components: Data transmission and computer networks, archives and databases, operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets and storage environments, internet services.
  • Essential knowledge of city history and aesthetic and landscaping sensitivity.
  • Space imagination and ability to cooperate and group work.
  • Drawing capacity, also traditional.

 As provided by art. 6, sections 1 and 2 of DM270 / 04, the Study Course provides access tests to verify the suitability of the student's personal preparation, which, without hindering the enrollment, allows you to identify any training debts to be recovered.

The methods for verifying the required knowledge and the procedures for recovering any training debits are specified in the Annual Learning Programming Document for the Study Course.

last update: 03-Apr-2018
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