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Corso di Laurea triennale in Pianificazione della città, del territorio e del paesaggio

Study Plan


Present your Study Plan Online. Read the instructions on the Study Plan webpage on the School website.



In case you have to present a Paper Study Plan, please read this page "PIANO DI STUDIO CARTACEO" on the school website. Read well how, when and where present a Paper Study Plan.


In case you have to present a Variation of the Study Plan, pleas read this page "RICHIESTA DI VARIAZIONE DEL PIANO DI STUDIO" on the school website. Read well howwhen and where present a Paper Study Plan.



Cohort A.Y. Admissions Form Prerequisites Pre-empt
2017 2017/2018  
2016 2016/2017
2015 2015/2016
2014 2014/2015
2013 2013/2014
2012 2012/2013  
2011 2011/2012  
2010 2010/2011    
2009 2009/2010    
2008 2008/2009    
The paper form for students enrolled up to A.Y. 2007/2008 (ex DM 509, codice cdl 0309) can be found at the teaching secreteriat of the Degree Course in Empoli

For the prerequisites related to previous academic years see the Student Guide





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